Create Your Career Page, Effortlessly in Notion!


Your job descriptions in Notion, hosted beautifully on your domain. Positions synced online, applications in Notion.

Hero makes Careers Page a breeze


Write Job Openings

No coding, no learning new tools, just write your content in Notion. keeps track of your Notion database, and updates the careers page automatically. Subpages and nested content are also included.
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Collect Applications

Application forms are generated automatically, with your custom fields, and equipped with LinkedIn integration. Any applications made come right back to your Notion!

Sync Everywhere

Job openings sync to other platforms like LinkedIn, and the applications sync back to your Notion database. You only need to concentrate on Notion.
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No Maintenance Work

Just update your job openings in Notion, your careers page will be updated automatically.
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Easy Application Collection

We generate application forms for you. Need to customise the form? Just create properties in Notion.
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Simple Design page comes with a simple, minimalist design. So that the attention stays with your content.
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Styled to Match Your Brand never shows up in your website, simply host it on your domain, and optionally set style options to match your brand.
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Optimised for Discoverability

Your careers page is distributed across the globe, optimised for SEO performance.
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Style your careers page with no-code template editor, or even custom CSS.

How does work?


Create your content in Notion

Create a homepage, a database for receiving the applications, and a database of open positions where the items have the job descriptions inside.
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Connect to your Notion

Give access to your Notion, and set up your domain. From here, automatically fetches the content and prepares your careers portal, including the application forms.

Follow up with your applications

Receive applications in the database, and use it as a management tool to keep up with existing processes. If you have applications on other platforms, they will also sync to the database.
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Blazingly (🙂) Fast

Built, cached and distributed for maximum speed. With no effort.
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Sync Seamlessly

Update your Notion page and get your job openings synced everywhere.
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Connect your favourite analytics provider. Including Google, Vercel, and more.
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Ready for SEO

Google will love your website! All meta information will be present.
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Custom Domains

Bring your own domain or sub-domain. Free redirects for www also included.
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Fast Support

Get personal and quick support, always! We strive on user feedback.
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Free SSL

Of course this is included, what year is this? Why are you still reading this?
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Size does not matter. works on all kind of screen sizes.
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Custom Code

Extend with custom JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference from Notion Sites?
Notion Sites is a great tool to share notes and documentation. However, it is not made to build actual websites, because actual websites require a lot of optimisation for performance, and for search engine optimisation. With your website will be hosted globally so that it can be loaded near instantly.
What is the difference from Notion Website Builders?
We are the team that makes Notionlayer, so we know how great Notion Website Builders are! We decided to move our experience specifically for careers page. With you don’t need to worry about stitching different tools together, hacking your way into a nice career page. Everything is already included.
How will my careers page will look like on mobile devices?
Your page will look great, no matter if the talent uses a computer or a mobile phone.
How visible is my website?
We take SEO and performance very seriously, therefore your website will be optimised and rank high with Google’s criteria.
Is safe?
Yes, there is no way any private information from your Notion will leak outside. We can only access the pages you give us access to.
Do you provide SSL for my page?
Yes, domain you set up will be hosted under SSL.
How I can request a feature?
Just send us an email over at
I have a problem, how do I contact you?
Just send us an email over at
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